The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service provides training for future Master Gardeners. Classes (14) usually begin in February, and meet evenings once or twice weekly for ten weeks. A horticultural notebook is provided as part of the class fee charged to attendees. Professors and other professionals share their knowledge and experience. Certificates of attendance are issued to those who complete the required number of classes. To obtain your Master Gardener Certificate, you must complete 40 volunteer hours in addition to attending the classes.

In Davidson County, you may contact the UT/TSU Extension at 615-862-5995. We are located at 1417 Murfreesboro Pike, 2nd floor (west entrance), at the Metro Southeast Building Located in the Genesco Park Complex. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 196300, Nashville, TN 37219 -6300.  

When calling to sign up for the Master Gardener Volunteer Program, please remember to give your e-mail as well your mailing address so we may send you information.

State-wide there are approximately 2,000 active Master Gardeners in 46 counties. Master Gardeners who continue to participate in the program return at least 25 hours of service with a minimum of 8 continued education hours annually.

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Monthly meetings are held throughout the year. Master Gardeners invite association members to their gardens each summer to show their talents in areas ranging from perennials, Audubon Certification, to edible plants. Timely programs, project reports and the many activities of the group are promoted and coordinated by an elected executive body of six officers, appointed chairpersons and sponsor/extension agent David Cook. A monthly newsletter (with subscription fee of $15.00 per year) is edited/published to inform the 200+ membership of association activities. Twenty-five (25) hours annual volunteer service is required for continuing active membership in the association.